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The collaboration between Twin and Mozzo Coffee is motivated by the same aspiration to practically and productively support coffee farming communities, more precisely in the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC. Both Twin and Mozzo Coffee acknowledge the huge potential and the fantastic quality of the coffee produced in this area, which is why we have prioritised the need for improving their infrastructure - a factor that has been preventing these promising farming communities from developing and moving forward.

In 2005 Grant Lang, Mozzo's founder, created the world’s first solar and wind powered coffee cart after buying an Indian tuk tuk with a student loan cheque. From coffee vendor to responsible roaster, Mozzo has always been built on a firm belief that business should reflect local and global challenges commercially, socially and environmentally. With the ambition of improving daily coffee experiences and creating a positive impact throughout the entire coffee value chain, in 2014 Mozzo set up The Community2Community Fund to support the constructive progression of farming communities. For every kilo of Mozzo Coffee sold, 5 pence is donated directly to the Fund.

The story behind the project


After a trip to the DRC in 2014, Twin and Mozzo Coffee helped in the foundation of a start-up cooperative called Muungano (meaning togetherness in Swahili.) The cooperative is located close to the shores of Lake Kivu in eastern DRC and Muungano’s farmers have the perfect conditions to produce top grade speciality washed Arabica coffee and, despite high levels of poverty in the country, are wholly committed to fulfilling this potential. In 2013-14, Twin had already built two washing stations in Nyabirehe and Buchiro, and trained a highly passionate Cupper.  Subsequently, Muungano has been involved in a program that identifies local people who wish to receive extensive cupping training in order to learn the skills and universal language of the speciality coffee market.  Helping to provide a sound and stable start to a promising future for Muungano, a collective investment in 2015 by Mozzo and Twin of $43,710 has been made to,

  • Build Muungano their first local office
  • Employ seven full time staff
  • Employ six Field Officers (Agronomists) for 3 Months
  • Build a Cupping Lab and Quality Control Facility including 10 drying tables.

In 2016 Mozzo has pledged a further £7,500+ investment into the C2C Fund to further support the Muungano Co-Operative as it seeks to develops its infrastructure and raise both the profile and volume of its coffee exports. 

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