Mount Elgon is one of Uganda's most important coffee growing regions, producing some of the country's finest Arabica coffee. Due to climate change associated temperature increases and erratic rainfall in the region, the productivity and quality of this sensitive crop is being compromised. Deforestation and devastating landslides are also triggering soil erosion on small farms scattered across the foothills of the mountain. Without intervention, the land area suitable for coffee cultivation is likely to decline significantly.

Value chain partnership

Twin joined forces with the UK’s leading independent coffee roaster, Matthew Algie, and Sainsbury’s to support sustainable production at the Gumutindo coffee cooperative in Uganda. The partnership brought together a wealth of coffee industry expertise from along the value chain to sustainably increase yields, improve coffee quality, and achieve Rainforest Alliance certification - in addition to Fairtrade and organic. With triple certification and higher coffee cupping scores, farmers can earn a premium for their coffee and increase their incomes.

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Project Overview:

  • Sustainable agriculture: training farmers in areas such as shade management and soil and water conservation

  • Quality and processing: achieving consistently high coffee cupping scores through farmer training, investment in new processing facilities and improving Quality Management Systems

  • Gender justice: targeting training and support at women farmers to promote gender equality at Gumutindo

  • Market access: support with securing finance and selling Rainforest Alliance certified coffee on international markets

Reach: Gumutindo's 5,000 members with improved market access and increased technical support

Fair development fund 2014 180x198   Funded by Comic Relief via the Sainsbury’s Fair Development Fund