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Improved Livelihoods for Smallholder Coffee Farmers in Gumutindo, Eastern Uganda

Gumutindo farmers produce Arabica coffee on steep slopes, with agricultural practices that put stress on the soil fertility and threaten the sustainability of coffee production. These farms already suffer from environmental degradation (soil erosion and even landslides) and are highly vulnerable to climate change.

As a result, yields and income generated from coffee remain low. Few options are available and have been identified by the community: livestock (cows, chickens, goats, etc.), growing vegetables, honey production, amongst others.

In 2012, a sustainable agricultural pilot implemented in one area (East Bunabumboy) aimed at supporting the coffee families to start a revolving cow donations project. Encouraging results including income diversification, improved nutrition and increased attendance at school both at farm level and household level, have led Twin, Compass and Peros to roll out similar initiatives to other societies.

The Eat Fair project

The Eat Fair Food for the Future project brings the customers to directly participate in supporting a livelihood programme in Gumutindo cooperative. Every product purchased has been helping to raise funds for the project since 2012.

The vision

  • Increase and diversify incomes of smallholder coffee farmers in three of Gumuntido’s societies. 
  • Farmers have better yields and quality coffee through the adoption of sustainable and organic agriculture practices. 
  • Households have more diversified incomes and use it for the wellbeing of the family

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Establishment of demonstration plots and farmer field schools
  • Animal husbandry and manure management
  • Renovation of coffee plots
  • Improvement of farm washed coffee practices

Gender Justice

  • Introduction of the GALS methodology
  • Training of GALS champions
  • Leadership Programme

Saving Groups

  • Establishment of community-managed credits and saving association
  • Revolving fund for investment in livestock and diversification activities 

Donors: Compass Ltd, Peros (Eat Fair partners)

Reach: Direct beneficiaries: 375 smallholder farmer members of the following three societies: East Bunabumboy, Bunabude and Buginyanya. Indirect beneficiaries: around 1,500 household members of the target beneficiaries who will benefit from higher and more diversified incomes.