In Eastern DRC women are mainly responsible for agricultural labour in coffee fields. They not only deliver most of the work, but are also widely responsible for key tasks related to quality and productivity. Through the introduction of ‘women’s coffee’ – the differentiation of high-quality coffee fully traceable to women – female farmers will be guaranteed an additional income, which is critical to cover household expenses such as school fees, home improvements and health care services.

working with WOMEN at all levels of the value chain

Promoting women at the marketing level on its own is not sufficient to increase women’s income – they must also have access to cooperative membership and decision-making powers in the household. This project is combined with the other levels of intervention: GALS trainings to enable joint decision-making in the home, leadership trainings for women through the cooperative, and representation in international fairs.


  • Gender justice: development of ‘four-level’ gender programme
  • Quality: quality fund to improve infrastructure, such as cupping labs, and improvements to quality management systems
  • Market access: accompanying producer organisations to trade fairs, including AFCA, SCAE and SCAA

Reach: 1,643 smallholder women farmer members of Muungano (DRC)