Twin has won the Business Charity Awards in the Community impact category for our project Coffee and collaboration: a success story from Peru.

The project built the resilience of coffee farming in Peru. It was run in collaboration with Marks & Spencer, Matthew Algie and Taylors of Harrogate and two coffee cooperatives in Peru – Pangoa and San Juan Del Oro. It was the first time we worked on a project across an entire supply chain.

A detailed survey of farmers in the two cooperatives revealed that the biggest challenges for the producers were: a changing climate, gender inequality and youth disengagement with coffee. It was clear these issues couldn’t be resolved in isolation, and so, a three year project was designed that addressed the issues together. The holistic approach meant that coffee yields increased by 56%, more women took on leadership positions within the cooperatives and youth accessed loans to start businesses to run in conjunction with coffee farming.

Competition was very stiff in the category. Twin was up against Deloitte’s work with Depaul, Cocoa Cola’s partnership with UK Youth, Royal Mail working with Action for Children and a UBS collaboration with The Bridge Academy.

The whole team and all the project partners are thrilled at winning this accolade. Amy Oroko, Sustainability Manager at Matthew Algie said, “This partnership demonstrated we can make a difference to the lives of coffee producers when we work hand in hand with cooperatives….and share ideas and resources with other supply chain partners.”

After a successful three years, there have been discussions about where and when the project could be replicated. All the partners hope others in the sector will take note and consider how they can work in partnership across their own supply chains.

Find out more about the project in this video: