There are estimated to be over three million cooperatives worldwide employing 280 million people. Smallholder farmers account for most of the production of the world’s food, and 80% of the world’s coffee. So, how can the sector support smallholder producer organisations (SPO) and enable the whole supply chain to thrive? Twin recently produced a report, Coffee, Smallholders & Sustainable Business, which demonstrates that SPOs can flourish on the international market. On 8 June, our Senior Programme Manager – Coffee, Hannah Ward, will share the findings from our report at World of Coffee, Berlin.

Hannah’s presentation will reference and reinforce existing evidence showing that effective SPOs can benefit farmers, their communities and the whole coffee sector. It will guide attendees through best practice case studies and include perspectives from both buyers and producers.

The session will demonstrate that every actor in the coffee supply chain has the power to invest in SPOs and their communities while operating in a sustainable way. The coffee sector has the potential to empower smallholder producers and help them become robust and resilient businesses delivering long lasting value to all actors in the supply chain.

The presentation takes place on Saturday 8 June at 12.30pm in Lecture Room 3. We would love to see you there and answer your questions.

Maire Reier, Senior Trader and Marketer and Andrea Otte, Trader and Marketer, will also be in Berlin. If you’re interested in meeting them to find out about the coffee Twin offers, please email them.