Following the release of our latest Coffee & Climate Change report last January, Twin held a panel discussion on 23rd March at great offices in Central London. Approximately 50 professionals within the coffee industry a long with our current staff attended the event to learn about the challenges that the coffee world is currently facing due to Climate Change.

In our exceptional panel of experts we had Clare Shakya from IIED, UK who brilliantly chaired the panel, Esperanza Dionisio from the Cooperative Pangoa in Peru, Harrison Kalua President of the Cooperative Mzuzu in Malawi, Henriette Walz from UTZ, and Cristina Ruiz representing Twin as Head of Programmes.

Once the panel was introduced to the audience, there was a brief overview of the report and panelists’ experiences of climate projects in their organisations. Later on the discussion focused on recommendations from the report, with panelists highlighting those that are most useful to them when working on their own projects.

IMG 3651

The audience had a very useful time to share with the person next to them about possible solutions to Climate Change effects in coffee production. After this, the panel established an interesting discussion based on the audience contribution of own experiences and consideration of how the recommendations could shape their engagement with climate resilience.

The event finished successfully with some networking drinks and nibbles that brought our audience together in terms of sharing and commenting experiences and thoughts on the subject from the perspectives of their organisations. 

To download our report on Coffee & Climate Change, please click here