Members of the Bukonzo Joint Coffee Co-operative in the Rwenzori Mountains region of Uganda have made a new film highlighting the environmental and climate change issues they face as smallholders. Using field visits to smallholder farms in the region, the film looks at practical solutions for some of the problems such as deforestation, draining swamps and poor agricultural practices.

The film was facilitated by InsightShare as part of Twin's ongoing climate change awareness and adaptation projects in the region, with funding from by Comic Relief

About Bukonzo Joint
Bukonzo Joint Coffee Farmers Cooperative is based in the Rwenzori Mountains region in western Uganda where farmers produce high-quality, organically grown Arabica coffee. Bukonzo Joint has some 2,300 coffee smallholder members and is owned by its shareholders – 85% of whom are women. Bukonzo Joint has its headquarters in Kyarumba town, in the Kasese district. Its operations include: marketing its farmers' organic coffee and other agricultural products; micro-finance, such as providing agriculture and small business loans to members; and member training and skills development.