Sainsbury’s now stocks Fairtrade whole bean coffee grown by women in Sumatra. The coffee was sourced by Twin and roasted by Finlays. The product is called Bantam and is on shelves now.

 Bantam SumatraKokowagayo is a women’s group that is part of the Permata Gayo cooperative. Twin has worked with Permata Gayo for several years; however, this is the first time we have sold coffee grown by women to sell as a single-origin women’s coffee.

The coffee was grown in volcanic soil in the Bener Meriah district of northern Sumatra, Indonesia, which is 1,400 metres above sea level. The coffee has tobacco leaf, peaty and dark chocolate flavour notes which are typical of specialty Sumatran coffee.

Kokowagayo focuses on producing high quality coffee and women’s empowerment. Coffee grown by women is sold at a premium which has been spent on creating a space where women can share their ideas and apply their decision-making authority.

The women are all smallholder farmers that are dedicated to caring for their coffee trees and nurture their land. They work hard and support each other.

You can buy the coffee here