Yagikawa Burundi Cup of Excellence

Coffee from four of Twin’s producer partners have been placed in the top 20 of the 2019 Burundi Cup of Excellence. The cooperatives, Dusangirijambo, Umuco W’ikawaYagiwaka and Ubwiza Bw'ikawa came 7th, 12th, 14th  and 18th, respectively.

The cooperatives were all part of a recent project funded by Trade Mark East Africa to build markets and improve coffee quality from Rwandan and Burundian cooperatives.

Over two years, we worked with 20 cooperatives to help them get to a point where they could export their coffee internationally. That included helping with certifications and training on coffee quality. The results from the Burundi Cup of Excellence are a testament to the hard work of the farmers and cooperative leaders.

Twin is thrilled that the training sessions and wider project helped Dusangirijambo, Umuco W’ikawa, Yagiwaka and Ubwiza Bw'ikawa to increase their quality and maintain standards a year after the project finished.

The Cup of Excellence is a prestigious competition for high quality coffees. Thousands of coffees are submitted each year. The competition aims to promote integrity and transparency in the sector. The competition has been running since 1999.  

The Burundi Cup of Excellence was judged by an international jury and all coffee was assessed a minimum of five times during the cupping process.

Samples from this season’s harvest in Burundi are available from our trading team. Coffee from Burundi typically has a delicate flavour but a rich body. Flavour notes include red berries, chocolate and spice. If you’re interested in samples of Burundian coffee, please contact our trading and marketing team.

To find out more about the project, watch the video below.