It is predicted that by 2050, we will need three times more coffee than we currently have. Yet, the land available to grow coffee is reducing due to climate change. To address this imbalance, the Sustainable Coffee Challenge has a new campaign, Plant Trees Save Coffee to raise donations to help farmers working in landscapes threatened by climate change in Colombia, Honduras and Peru.

The impacts of climate change are intensifying, meaning coffee farmers and their crops have been badly affected. At Twin, we witness coffee farmers facing huge challenges due to changes in weather patterns. From an outbreak of coffee leaf rust that decimated up to 80% of crops for producer partners in Peru, to mud slides damaging infrastructure and roads in Uganda.

In addition, temperature increases and infrequent rain have strained the usual areas for coffee growth, forcing farmers to find new places to grow coffee and/or find alternative sources of income. The Plant Trees Save Coffee donation campaign seeks to address this problem by providing new native trees to coffee farmers to help in their efforts to protect their coffee trees, diversify income streams and establish a habitat that handles pest and disease naturally.

The Sustainable Coffee Challenge is looking to raise funds from both businesses and consumers. A $10 contribution will help plant 20 native forest trees. These will provide shade from the sun and protection against heavy rain. The trees will enable coffee farmers to reinvest in their farms and continue to grow cherries to meet the rising global demand.

Find out more about the campaign here. For a more in-depth look at how climate change impacts coffee, take a look at our 2017 report.