This morning we received the tragic news that there have been a number of landslides in the Mount Elgon region of Uganda. Sadly, three people have been confirmed dead and a further 50 are reported missing. Our thoughts are with everyone in the region.

We work with smallholder coffee farmers that are part of the Mt Elgon Agroforestry Communities Cooperative Enterprise (MEACCE). It's unclear at the moment how many farmers from this co-op have been affected.

Deforestation, soil erosion and changing weather patterns can all contribute to landslides, so it seems fitting that as today is World Environment Day we highlight problems caused by climate change These issues are occurring more regularly and hit rural communities hardest.

MEACCE is one of seven cooperatives in our Mannda programme, funded by Comic Relief, to help East African coffee co-ops break into international markets. The project includes a strand of work on sustainable agriculture - promoting environmentally friendly farming and learning. This is also a theme that runs through most of our programme work.

Looking forward, we want to be bolder in our environmental work, continuing to support smallholder farmers and their organisations mitigate and adapt to the impact of climate change. We will advocate to our partners to consider the role they can play through investments in coffee and cocoa supply chains and their own impact on the environment.