Michaela Strachan presents a new film produced by Twin on the critical issue of food safety in food security. It is estimated that 4.5 billion people living in developing countries are chronically exposed to aflatoxin as a result of eating contaminated food. The toxin, produced by a fungus that grows on crops such as maize and groundnuts, causes childhood stunting and around one quarter of all liver cancers globally.

‘The price we pay for unsafe food’ accompanies a three part series of in-depth short films produced by Twin on the issue of aflatoxin contamination in Malawi’s groundnuts. Up to 90% of Malawi’s population has been subject to long-term exposure of the toxin, with serious public health implications for the country.  Aflatoxin contamination also has a considerable economic impact on smallholder farmers, as crops testing with unsafe levels cannot be sold to high-value international markets.

Twin is working with smallholders in Malawi to combat the issue of food safety in groundnuts through awareness raising programmes, low-cost technological solutions and alternative uses for contaminated crops.

All four films are available online on Twin’s YouTube channel.