Our team in Sierra Leone

16/10/2017 3:42pm

Sierra Leone Deborah October17

Twin, Comic Relief and RSPB have joined together to transform the future for farmers living in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone whose communities are on the edge of the Gola Rainforest. In this context a 3-year funded project is now taking place. This month, our team traveled to the Gola Rainforest as they intend to carry out an annual review meeting before the next cocoa season gets into full...

Twin at SCAJ 2017

18/09/2017 9:39pm

SCAJ Tokyo 2017

After attending the 'World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition' in 2016 for the first time, Twin has organised another visit this year to continue exploring the Asian coffee market and try to better understand it after last year’s visit. This was also a great opportunity to meet our Japanese buyers, in presence of PO representatives from Rwanda and Burundi who also attended the exhibition w...

Our second year in Tanzania

24/07/2017 12:00am

Vuasu trainings review 2017 home page

At the end of July, Twin conducted a series of trainings and a review of the second year of our Comic Relief funded project 'Gender and Generational Empowerment' at Vuasu Cooperative Union. The visit combined training in Business Management and Governance & Marketing, followed by a field visit to the AMCOS (primary societies) and a workshop in Sustainable Agriculture with all field staff. Lastly, ...

'World of Coffee', Budapest

14/06/2017 3:15pm

SCAE Budapest 2017

Hungary hosted this year's 'World of Coffee' and Twin, as it happens every year, couldn't miss the chance of being part of the event. On the above photo, a section of our programmes and trading teams are catching up on women's coffee with members of the Peruvian cooperative Chirinos with whom we have two very important things in common, we buy their delicious coffee and we share the same views on ...

Discussion on 'Coffee grown by women' at this year's World of Coffee in Budapest

05/06/2017 2:30pm

IMG 4989

Twin would like to invite you to attend a panel discussion on "Coffee grown by women; opportunities in the European market". Date: Wednesday 14th June  Time: 11.00am - 12.00pm Location: VIP Room 2,  (Located in the Gallery area on 1st floor of the HungExpo show floor) at "World of Coffee" in Budapest The main objectives of the discussion are to bring together a range of actors across the coffee va...

Tribute to Robin Murray from Twin Team Past & Present

02/06/2017 9:39pm

Robin Murray1

We are so sorry to learn of the passing of Robin Murray. As one of the founders of Twin and Twin Trading in 1985, and as chair and board member for many years, his influence on the organisation and its wider network has been immense and unparalleled.  Robin championed farmers and cooperatives and was crucial to the successful launch and running of Cafédirect, Divine, Liberation and Agrofair in the...

Tribute to Robin Murray by Tomy Mathew

02/06/2017 9:31pm

Robin Murray Tomys note

Robin Murray was an economist. But I have come across no other of that tribe who, like him, showed economics its proper place in the larger order of human pursuits. He refused, with the resoluteness of a conscientious objector, to let the black and red pencils of the auditor decide the fate of enterprises committed to humanising the exchange of goods and services. If today, against the pervasive c...

Twin visits Burundi and Rwanda as part of the TMEA project

01/05/2017 12:00am

IMG 4951

Our Communications Intern, Nancy Demuth, visited coffee coops in Burundi and Rwanda for 4 weeks in order to consolidate their supply chains so that they can develop stronger relationships with coffee buyers. During her visit, our generous friends from Twesetwoterimbere coffee cooperative in Burundi surprised Twin by giving us a beautiful vase and it even has our name on it! If you wish to find ou...

Join us for 3 International Cupping events in DRC, Burundi and Rwanda!

28/04/2017 9:50am

Buyer Tour and Cupping events website

We would be delighted if you were able to join us for what promises to be a truly inspiring trip to visit our producer partners in DR Congo, Burundi and Rwanda and to participate in three international cupping events. The full trip runs from Friday 19th May to Friday 2nd June 2017, or you can tailor it to join us for part of the trip. Twin has been at the forefront of the specialty coffee revival ...

Twin holds Coffee & Climate Change panel discussion

31/03/2017 10:20am

CCC panel discussion

Following the release of our latest Coffee & Climate Change report last January, Twin held a panel discussion on 23rd March at great offices in Central London. Approximately 50 professionals within the coffee industry a long with our current staff attended the event to learn about the challenges that the coffee world is currently facing due to Climate Change. In our exceptional panel of experts we...

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