San Juan del Oro Cooperative

In 2015, following a 2 year successful climate change adaptation pilot project in San Juan del Oro funded by Matthew Algie and M&S (Plan A) on improved water management and water conservation, the innovative partnership is broadening and welcome Taylors of Harrogate on board this pre-competitive initiative to strengthen the value chain of M&S, for both retail and the cafés.

The project is working with two cooperatives CAC Pangoa and CAC San Juan del Oro over the next 3 years (2015-2018) tackling the priorities identified by the farmers and management: climate change impact and management of natural resources, gender injustices, youth disengagement.

Everyone benefits

Twin forged a value chain partnership with Marks and Spencer (M&S) cafes and coffee roasters Matthew Algie and Taylors of Harrogate to strengthen their supply chain in the face of climate and social change. The partnership sets out to meet the sustainability needs of all the actors in the value chain, safeguarding the livelihoods of smallholder farmers as well as securing the consistent supply of high quality coffee for buyers.

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Sustainable Agriculture

-          Soil conservation (e.g. rebuilding permanent ground cover, building trash lines) and management (organic agriculture)

-          Development of demonstration plots focused on soil and shade management

-          Farmer field schools

-          Rotating funds for investment (e.g. renovation)

Gender justice

-          GALS and Youth through Education Programme and Business Ideas programme (alike the Pret a Manger methodology).

-          Strengthening Women’s Committee

-          Income diversification fund for Women’s Committee

Youth Engagement

-          Training programme (coffee management throughout value chain)

-          Communication campaign

-          Start-up fund for innovative and sustainable business ideas (competitive seed fund)


Donors: Marks & Spencer’s, Matthew Algie and Taylor’s of Harrogate

Reach: 550 farmers directly, 1667 indirectly