Cenfrocafé is located in Jaén, Peru and is a second-level producer organisation with 86 cooperative members representing 2,000 smallholder coffee farmers. Cenfrocafé’s main activities include coffee trading, and organisational strengthening, technical assistance and capacity building for its member organisations.

Twin and Cenfrocafe partnership

Twin started working with Cenfrocafé in 2009, and has been trading with the association since then through our coffee business, Twin Trading. Today, Cenfrocafé is a key supplier for Twin Trading.


Twin has partnered Cenfrocafé and Pret A Manger to offer an education and entrepreneurship programme to teach young farmers computers skills, cooperative management, coffee production, sustainable agricultural practices and coffee quality control. The programme includes business development training and seed funding for students to start up their own coffee enterprises.

Sustainable Agriculture icon 85 young farmers trained on sustainable agriculture as part of the young entrepreneurship and education programme with Cenfrocafé and Pret A Manger
Business management icon Training and support in partnership with local partner Junta Nacional de Café (JNC) on applying for local and regional government funding for investment in coffee production and coffee marketing.
Market access Price Risk Management Programme (PRM), where staff from the cooperatives receive training on price risk management strategies, market trends and coffee price forecasts updates.