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PRODECOOP is a Union of cooperatives with 38 member organisations representing 2,300 smallholders (30% women) in the northern region of Nicaragua (Estelí, Madriz, and Nueva Segovia). Founded in 1993, the association works to strengthen its members through marketing and development services, including coffee quality improvements and social projects. PRODECOOP is known for quality and has won numerous National Cup of Excellence awards.

Twin and PRODECOOP Partnership 

PRODECOOP first sold coffee to Twin in 1993, and since then worked with Twin in partnership with Cafenica on climate adaptation and price risk management.


Twin works with PRODECOOP on sustainable production, piloting and implementing climate change adaptation strategies, training agricultural extension specialists, and providing training to farmers.

Gender justice icon   Gender assessment conducted at cooperative. Study found the cooperative has mainstreamed gender and introduced a five-year gender strategy, which includes quotas for female leadership, an economic development programme, and an awareness campaign on role of women in coffee production.
Sustainable Agriculture icon  

Support in combating coffee leaf rust through farm rehabilitation and renovation. Adaptation strategies, training and technical support.

Business management icon  

Support developing price risk management strategies and training of cooperative Export Manager 

Market access   Market intelligence provided by Twin to manage price risk, alongside support developing marketing strategies.