ACPCU webpage

  • Location: South-Western Uganda 
  • Altitude: 1400-1900m 
  • Founded: 2006 
  • Members: 9200 
  • Coffee: Arabica , Robusta 
  • Varieties: SL14, Natural Elite Robusta 
  • Soil Type: Rich volcanic soil, black loam soil 
  • Certifications: FLO, Organic
  • Quality: Fully-traceable Bushenyi Fairtrade organic natural Robusta (screens 18, 15, 14 and 12) and specialty washed Arabica 
  • Harvest: Robusta: May-September (main season); November - February (fly crop). Arabica: November-January (main season); May-July (fly crop)


ACPCU (Ankole Coffee Producers’ Cooperative Union)’s members come from many ethnic communities and speak an array of different languages and have joined together to sell coffee and create better prospects for their communities  

In 2012, farmers invested in building micro-coffee washing stations to transform the quality of their coffee and in 2015 ACPCU built a central washing station to meet increasing demand for its members' fully-washed beans 

Sustainable farming 

Farmers are improving coffee yields and soil quality by trying a range of sustainable farming techniques.  Many have introduced banana and yam trees to their smallholder plots to increase shade and grow beans which provide excellent ground cover.  

Farmers use cow manure and banana leaf compost to fertilise the coffee and pests are discouraged by spraying an extract from the Bird’s Eye pepper plant, which grows amongst the coffee trees 

As well as improving soil structure, these plants also provide additional food and variation to people's diets.     

Twin and ACPCU Partnership

ACPCU is a long standing trading partner and member of Twin's Joint Marketing Initiative. We have also partnered with ACPCU to build micro-washing stations as part of a Rabobank project.