Cocagi webpage
  • Region: Nyamasheke district, South-Western province
  • Founded: 2004
  • Producers: 1075 producers, including 269 women
  • Certifications: Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance
  • Varieties: Bourbon
  • Soil type: Sandy clay
  • Harvest time: February/March to June
  • Shipment time: June to October. Exported by Rwashoscco.
  • Elevation: 1000-1600m
  • Post-harvest process: Fully-washed at central washing station (owned by the coop); single fermentation (12-14 hours); 20 covered tables for handsorting; dried on raised beds (165); parchment stored in ventilated warehouse (150MT capacity); coffee pulp distributed to farmers for compost. Dry-milled at Rwacof or Maraba
  • Quality and the cup: Fully Washed Arabica Grades A1 and A2. Green tea, melon, pear


Cocagi is a real powerhouse. One of the most well-known and established Rwandan cooperatives, they are just as committed to finding concrete solutions to social problems today as they were at their foundation. 

What really makes Cocagi exciting is that they are not afraid to think big. Their next major project is to set up a coffee shop in Kigali, with the aim of teaching Rwandan people how to appreciate and enjoy drinking good-quality coffee. They will trial the project by building a small coffee shop at the cooperative before setting up shop in the capital, and are training four young people – all children of cooperative members – to be cuppers.