Furaha webpage

  • Location: South-west of Bukavu, main area around Lemera, Eastern DR Congo 
  • Altitude: 1400-1800m 
  • Founded: 2012 
  • Members: 1591 of which 265 are female 
  • Coffee: Arabica 
  • Varieties: Bourbon 
  • Certifications: Working towards FLO 
  • Quality: Fully-washed from central washing station; also Farmer-washed, Kivu 4 
  • Harvest: February to July 
  • 2017 export: 1 container 
  • Flavour profile: redcurrants, sweet and spicy, smooth medium body


The member farmers of Furaha live in a very large geographical area of around 200km2 in South Kivu and have organised themselves into 13 “secteurs” (primary societies).  The formation of the co-op ensures a market for these farmers who produce fairly small quantities of coffee, and an opportunity to receive better prices and quality training.   

The region is still in heavy conflict, with NGO support often unable to go to the region due to instability and threat of violenceThis has also had a significant impact on Furaha's FLO certification timeframe. Furaha has invested in a centralised washing station and continues to build strong relationships with their Japanese buyer, Zensho and has been exporting both Fully-washed and Kivu 4 since 2014.  

Twin supports Furaha with maintaining buyer relationships and business and technical advice where possible given the current security context