Yagikawa webpage

  • Region: Kayanza province, Matongo commune 
  • Founded: 2007
  • Producers: 811, including 89 women
  • Certifications: Fairtrade
  • Varieties: Bourbon
  • Soil type: Clay
  • Harvest time: Early April to late May
  • Shipment time: August to November
  • Elevation: 1750-1900m
  • Post-harvest process: Fully-washed at central washing station (owned by the coop); single fermentation (12-18 hours); 3 covered tables for handsorting; dried on raised beds; parchment stored in ventilated warehouse (50MT capacity); coffee pulp distributed to farmers for compost. Milled at Horamama, Kayanza. Exported by COCOCA
  • Quality and the cup: Fully Washed Arabica Screen 15+. Blackberry, apple, chocolate, spice


'Yagikawa', meaning 'talk about coffee', feels like a big, extended family. Overlooking an idyllic landscape of lush, green hills, and a small stream flowing past the washing station, this is one of the oldest Burundian cooperatives which has been operating since 2007. Since then, it has evolved into a very friendly and tight-knit community.

Hanging on the wall by the cherry collection point is a small, wicker stretcher, which is used to transport sick people on foot to the nearest medical centre, which is 8km away. The cooperative are hoping that by next coffee season, they will be able to build a new health centre much nearer to the washing station.