Umuco Wikawa webpage

  • Region: South-West, Rumonge province
  • Founded: 2014
  • Producers: 800, including 57 women (in this region men are usually the only cooperative member in family and other family members harvest in their name)
  • Certifications: Fairtrade
  • Varieties: Bourbon
  • Soil type: Volcanic 
  • Harvest time: February to July
  • Shipment time: August to November  Exported by COCOCA
  • Elevation: 1500-1700m
  • Post-harvest process: Fully-washed at central washing station (owned by the cooperative); single fermentation (12-14 hours); dried on raised beds; parchment stored in ventilated warehouse (50MT capacity, average temperature 12-14˚C); coffee pulp distributed to farmers for compost. Milled at Horamama, Kayanza
  • Quality and the cup: Fully Washed Arabica Screen 15+. Mandarin orange, pineapple, bright, spice, sweet


'Umuco Wi'kawa' means 'the light of coffee' – because the farmers here feel that coffee is a guiding light for them which gives them direction and a sense of purpose. This ambitious cooperative, overlooking majestic Lake Tanganyika, has big plans - and not just for the development of their own community. They already have the support of local government officials who are passionate about strengthening the Burundian coffee industry as a whole, to help secure a steady source of income for people up and down the country.

The cooperative has a reforestation programme and plans to invest the Fairtrade premium in building a community health centre.