Ruziba-Nyamakarabo, Burundi
  • Region: Cibitoke province, Mugina commune, colline Ruziba
  • Founded: 2011
  • Producers: 1082 (417 female)
  • Certifications: Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ
  • Varieties: Bourbon
  • Soil type: Sandy clay
  • Harvest time: January to May
  • Shipment time: August to November  Exported by COCOCA
  • Elevation: 1100-1500m
  • Post-harvest process: Fully-washed at central washing station (owned by the coop); single fermentation (12 to 18 hours); soaking tanks currently under construction; dried on raised beds; parchment stored in ventilated warehouse (50MT capacity); coffee pulp distributed to farmers for compost. Milled at Horamama, Kayanza
  • Quality and the cup: Fully Washed Arabica Screen 15+. Caramel, sweet, clean, juicy, peach, wine, caramel


If you decide to make the winding journey to Ruziba-Nyamakarabo on a weekday, chances are that you'll be greeted with the happy, excitable shouts of the local children from the school next door. The cooperative is located in an extremely rural area near the Rwandan border, where opportunities and facilities are even scarcer than in other parts of the country. This means that providing these farmers with a decent wage for their work – and their children with the chance of a good education – is more essential than ever.

Before the cooperative was established, many coffee farmers in the local area used to travel to Rwanda to get marginally better prices for their coffee. But now they can sell locally, giving an important boost to the local economy – many members have commented on how busy the village market becomes just after the coffee sales!