Kuapa Kokoo

The Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union in Ghana's Ashanti region produces around 5% of the country's cocoa and operates the only farmer-owned trading company (Kuapa Kokoo Ltd) in Ghana's semi-liberalised cocoa sector. Founded in 1993, Kuapa has 85,000 members (32% women) and is known for premium quality cocoa; its motto ‘pa pa paa’ means ‘the best of the best’ in the local Twi language.

Twin and Kuapa Partnership

Established in 1993 with the assistance of Twin and Dutch NGO SNV, Kuapa received its first Fairtrade certificate in 1995. Three years later, its members voted to establish a joint venture company with Twin to market a Fairtrade chocolate bar fully traceable to Kuapa. Divine Chocolate is 45% owned by Kuapa and 44% owned by Twin and representatives from both organisations sit on the company’s board.


Divine share dividends are distributed to Kuapa and a percentage of annual profits fund a Producer Support and Development programme, implemented by Twin. Kuapa Kokoo remains the principal partner in this programme, which is currently focused on good governance, women’s empowerment and sustainable cocoa production. 

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Adult education and leadership training for women, research on role of women in cocoa 

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Model farm project to demonstrate sustainable and affordable agricultural practices

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Training on cooperative values, democratic processes and Kuapa’s Constitution. Improving communication & transparency with members

 Market access  


Launch of Divine Chocolate, a farmer-owned international Fair trade chocolate brand