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The role of business in empowering women farmers

Posted by Nicolas Mounard

Last summer, I went on a buyer trip to DR Congo. Above all the appalling and inspiring accounts from coffee farmers, one moment stuck in my mind. I w...

Traceability connects consumers to producers

Posted by Paul May

Last year, the crisis response by marketers to the discovery of horsemeat everywhere from Tesco to school dinners pushed food provenance into the mai...

The farmers and business women of Kopakama, Rwanda

Posted by Nilufar Verjee

I recently had the privilege of visiting women coffee farmers in Rwanda, a beautiful country known by its inhabitants as the Land of a Thousand Hills...

Conflict and coffee: reviving the industry in the DRC

Posted by Richard Hide

In 2008, thousands of refugees surrounded the shores of Lake Kivu in the eastern highlands of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The fallout fro...

Rethinking our broken food system

Posted by Nicolas Mounard

Last year, coffee prices continued their chaotic tumble on New York commodity markets, falling 20% to around $1.20 per pound.  Thousands of miles awa...

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