Who We Are


Twin is a non-profit organisation which owns a trading company. This structure allows us to combine trade, marketing, programmes and advocacy to build market systems that create better livelihoods for farming groups growing coffee, cocoa and nuts.  Twin is all about connecting actors along the value chain, and facilitating meaningful, global partnerships between buyers, donors and farmer cooperatives; with a shared vision of using trade to enable sustainable and vibrant farming communities to develop and prosper.


A world where trade benefits everyone engaged in it; where business respects and supports the people and ecosystems it touches; where smallholder farmers have the power to shape their own business and community development.


To harness and shape the market to deliver social, environmental and economic development for smallholder farming communities in developing countries.

Our People

Twin and Twin Trading

Richard Anstead, Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Twin and Twin Trading I oversee the work of our programme work and that of Twin Trading Ltd. Together with the team, we help strengthen producer organisations and secure them access to market as we believe this is the key route to empowerment and sustainable development. For over 10 years I worked for the Fairtrade Foundation UK leading their product management team working with both UK and global businesses as well as with producers and workers. Prior to joining Fairtrade I have work in a number of commercial enterprises including retailers, FMCG companies (Unilever) and in banking (Barclays).

Max Glazer, Head of Finance & Resources

I look after the finances of Twin and Twin Trading, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations and providing strategic financial information to management and the board. After qualifying as a chartered accountant in 2010 at Smith & Williamson, I went on to Arts Council England before joining the children’s charity Coram as Group Finance Manager in February 2011. Prior to working in finance, I studied Maths and Philosophy at the University of Bristol, and had jobs at several major music venues in the South West. I got my first taste international development in 2005 whilst volunteering for the Karen Hilltribes Trust.

Agnieszka Thomas, Senior Human Resources Manager

My role is to design and coordinate HR procedures related to the employer-employee relationship and support the staff and their processes. For over 10 years I have supported various organisations in developing their HR strategy. I have experience in sectors such as aeronautical, architecture, food and beverages and charitable organisations. I have a M.A in Psychology and a PGD in HRM from London Metropolitan University. I am also a Chartered member of CIPD. I appreciate that Twin work to improve human living conditions, gender equality and sustainability. People is what makes Twin a unique organisation to work for.

Jennifer Boizumault, Finance & Resources Manager (Mat Leave)

I work on accounts for Twin, manage time and resources, and oversee the back office activities. Prior to Twin, I worked in accounts, operations and project management in multiple fields in France, Spain and Singapore. I was drawn to Twin as I wanted to work for a place that had a mission and was making a difference, rather than just another big business. I have an Bachelors in International Business from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Mirka Mesarosova, Finance Officer (Mat Cover)

I joined Twin in January 2018 as a maternity cover for the role 'Finance Officer'. Having worked in fast paced, high pressured finance environments for the past 9 years, I felt Twin would be an exciting challenge. I hope to lend my experience to this excellent team. Prior to joining Twin I worked freelance in multiple and demanding roles around finance. Originally from Slovakia I moved to Ireland before finding my way to England with my partner and our son Thijs.

Cennet Saglam-Kidner, Finance & Treasury Manager

I am the Finance Manager for Twin Trading, working closely with the trading team and the charity. I joined Twin from Lab 49, where I was an Assistant Accountant. Prior to this I worked for Helix Property Advisors and Oxford House College in Finance. I made the move to Twin as I liked the idea of working for a non-profit organisation rather than a big corporation.

Manuela Bustamante, Administrative Assistant

My role at Twin is to support the team and ensure the smooth running of the office. Previously, I worked in an educational centre looking to fulfill students’ potential by pursuing a vocational route outside the traditional school environment. I was born in the region of Antioquia, Colombia where coffee is traditionally produced, therefore I feel very happy to be part of an organisation that aims to improve the quality of life of producers and their communities. I have a BA in Media & Communication Studies from the University of Medellin, Colombia.

Rachel Wallace, Communications

Facilitating communications between farmers and their customers and supporters is such an exciting and powerful area of our work: sharing stories and understanding impact, advocating for change, and increasing awareness that this is about so much more than trading coffee, cocoa and nuts! I have worked with Twin since 2004, from roasting samples in the cupping lab to travelling extensively in Latin America and Africa, working with fruit and coffee co-operatives.

Nancy Demuth, Communications

I develop content on our work with farmers to share with partners and manage our social media channels. Prior to Twin, I interned at the NSPCC and volunteered at the YMCA’s international development agency. I have also worked in marketing at a French gourmet food store, at a Belgian chocolaterie in Chile, and volunteered at a daycare project for single working mothers in Mexico.

Twin Producer Partnerships Programme

Cristina Ruiz, Head of Programmes - Coffee, Cocoa & Nuts

My role is to manage Twin’s producer support work in East Africa, West Africa & Latin America, through our programmes: coffee, cocoa and nuts. I manage a diverse and enthusiastic team based in London and Kigali and I am part of the senior management team that provides direction and define strategies . I have been working on humanitarian contexts for 20 years, based in the UK and other countries in Africa and Eastern Europe. I believe in the value of working together to achieve long-lasting change and defy the structures that keep people poor; also that trade can be an excellent instrument to achieve this.

Hannah Ward, Senior Programme Manager - Coffee

I lead on Twin’s programmes and partnerships with coffee producers in East Africa and Latin America and work closely with producer organisations, donors and industry partners to ensure that programmes deliver positive outcomes for smallholders and their communities. I have 10 years’ experience in the international development sector with a particular focus on sustainable livelihoods and agriculture-based value chain programmes. Prior to Twin I was with VSO working on public-private partnerships. I also hold a Masters in International Development and Social Policy, focusing on social development.

Chloé Rotureau, Programme Officer - African Coffee

My role at Twin consists in supporting the delivery of coffee projects in East Africa, monitoring activities, tracking budgets, as well as coordinating with the regional staff. Our projects focus on improving gender justice, promoting sustainable agriculture practices, while supporting producer organisations in marketing their coffee internationally. After graduating with an MA in Crisis Analysis and Humanitarian Action in France, I spent four years in Mexico working with NGOs, coordinating projects with communities of smallholder farmers, and building the capacity of teams for improving performance and impact.

Mattia Guglielmi, Regional Manager (Rwanda)

As a Regional Manager for East Africa, I am responsible for a broad range of activities that vary from strategy definition to program delivery management and from leading the team in the region to business development. What I love most about my job is the blend between the strategic and the hands on approach which is very unique in my role. Prior to Twin I had different roles in the FMCG industry and I strongly believe in the value of working throughout the value chain to improve the livelihood of producers as well as the benefit for consumers. I currently live in Kigali with my wife Roberta and my son Tommaso.

Sylvia Baguma, MEL Officer (Rwanda)

My role is to monitor the progress of Twin’s projects and gather evidence to support our model at every stage of intervention. Before joining Twin, I worked for the African Development Bank’s independent evaluation department and have also conducted a number of evaluations and designed results frameworks for various projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, including for Livelihoods and Enterprises for Agricultural Development funded by USAID. I graduated from Cardiff University with an Msc in International Economics, Banking and Finance.


My area of focus is the demonstration plot network, certification and agroforestry. I aggregate demonstration plots data from our producer organizations partners, provide support and training in sustainable agriculture and certification. Prior to Twin, I worked as an Agricultural and Natural Resources Officer in Gicumbi district in Rwanda, and as a Zone Coffee Extension Officer for the National Agricultural Export Development Board . I hold a bachelor’s degree in Crop Science from the National University of Rwanda.

Luc HAVYARIMANA, Quality Control Officer (Rwanda)

My role at Twin is to provide technical assistance to producer organizations by complying with specialty coffee quality standards along the supply chain from harvesting, processing wet and dry mill to exporting excellent quality SCAA green coffee. I have 19 years experience in sustainable coffee supply chains working with private and NGOs as Certification Manager. I joined Twin because of its strategy focuses on quality and certification development for smallholders organizations with an orientation on marketing rather than big companies in coffee supply chain.

Diane Tuyisenge, Junior Quality Control Officer (Rwanda)

My role at Twin is to support producer organisations to meet specialty coffee quality standards at the level of harvesting and processing at the wet and dry mill. Previously, I worked as an Agronomist and Coffee Washing Manager at Koakaka cooperative, one of the producer organisations supported by Twin in Rwanda. I enjoy being part of Twin due to its focus on quality and certification for smallholder organisations, and because its projects have a positive impact on society and the lives of farmers in rural areas. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness from the National University of Rwanda.

Diane Nyirarukundo, Programme Support Officer (Rwanda)

My role is to support the regional team in the coordination of African coffee projects, including monitoring the associates against agreed work plans and tracking the budget. I have 5 years experience in working with community development programmes, project management, research, monitoring and evaluation of projects. Previously, I worked with an Intra-governmental and Non-governmental organisation across Africa on donor supported projects by AU, EU, UNDP, UNICEF, and USAID. I hold a Master’s Degree in Monitoring and Evaluation.

Desire Ninsiima, Administrative Assistant (Rwanda)

I am the Administrative Assistant for Twin in Kigali, Rwanda and my role is to support the team to ensure the smooth running of day to day activities. Prior to Twin, I worked as an Operations Personnel and Finance Assistant in different corporate companies but I always had a desire to be part of a project that impacts society and directly works to improve the lives of people around me, thus I am delighted to be part of Twin. I graduated from the National University of Rwanda with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.

Hannah Davis, Senior Programme Manager - Cocoa & Nuts

I manage strategic relationships with key Twin clients including Divine Chocolate and Liberation to deliver producer support and supply chain assurance project. Prior to Twin, I worked for VSO on livelihood projects, including leading on policy development in the areas of enterprise-based development and women’s economic empowerment. I have a Masters in Development Management and significant experience in value chain development and technical knowledge of the cocoa sector.

Suzanne Fogg, Programme Manager - Nuts & Cocoa

I manage Twin's programme of work in cocoa and nut value chains and coordinate with producer organisations to help build strong partnerships with industry partners involved in processing, manufacturing and retail of chocolate. I’ve been working on agricultural development and rural livelihoods in Africa and Asia for over 15 years. I’m particularly interested in capacity building and organisational development, governance and local economic development and I am passionate about facilitating change across sector partnerships.

Rika Fontana, Business Management Advisor

I provide business management support to small-holder farmers organisations producing coffee, cocoa, and nuts to strengthen their capacity to become sustainable businesses. I am passionate about preparing emerging market entrepreneurs for finance, while also connecting them to key stakeholders that can enhance their growth. I started my career in Advertising in Italy and then moved on to work in the humanitarian sector in Kenya, Chad and Haiti as a Project Manager. I hold a MSc in Economics with reference to Africa from SOAS University and a BA in International Economics and Management.

Twin Trading

Richard Hide, Head of Markets

I lead Twin’s work to transform the way that our coffee and cocoa farmer partners relate to buyers. Equipping them with know-how to get the best from the market, and accompanying them to build relationships right up the value chain. At the same time engaging with buyers globally, encouraging them to buy into transformational partnerships. I spent 5 years as a trader with Schluters, with now 25 years at Twin – in which time I have worked with amazing people to open up new supply chains in extraordinary places including Peru, Uganda, Eastern DRCongo and currently Ethiopia.

Matt Earlam, Deputy Head, Trading

My role involves creating prices for buyers and sellers of coffee and cocoa and various types of risk management. Customer relationship management and problem solving to ensure smooth execution of physical business are also key duties. I have twelve years experience in soft commodities working in various roles, geographies, products and systems. I earned Masters Degrees in Agricultural and Applied Economics and Business Administration. I was excited by the Twin opportunity given its strong track record for using trade to create development and the calibre of Twin colleagues.

Maire Reier, Senior Trader & Marketer

My role is to buy certified green coffee and sell to buyers in UK, mainland Europe, Asia and the USA. I'm a qualified Q Grader and have a background in specialty coffee, working in specialty coffee shops for around 10 years. Six of these were spent at Monmouth Coffee, where in addition to shop operations, I was in charge of roasted coffee stocks and staff training in tasting. Before joining Twin, I decided to go for a year-long trip to Latin America. I was based in a coffee cooperative in Nicaragua for seven months to gain a better insight into their operations and to cup for them during the harvest season.

Natalia Ramirez, Quality Control Officer

I am a microbiologist with postgraduate studies in quality control management. I have a passion and love for coffee, which I have inherited from my family, coffee producers in Huila, Colombia. I spent my childhood around coffee plantations and have been lucky enough to have seen the coffee process from farm to cup. My role in Twin is to provide quality control support for the trading team, client and producer support and contract administration.

Soizic le Lasseur, Coffee Marketer

My role at Twin is to provide training and support to Twin’s East African Producer Organisation Partners, also to promote and market their variety of coffee to roasters and importers in Europe and Asia. My work requires travelling to the places where coffee originates and sharing as much information about POs as possible to the buyers. Being part of Twin's projects is very motivating and inspiring to me as the experiences are always full of challenges. Before joining Twin, I funded the first French confectionery shops in Hong Kong, which specialise in importing the finest delicacies that France has to offer.

Mollie Moisan, Coffee Marketer

I work with East African coffee producers to strategize, balance needs & facilitate communications with North American/US coffee buyers, splitting time between being in the field and my hometown of Seattle. Prior to coming to Twin, I spent 6 years working for a third tier Coffee cooperative, in development and marketing that was entirely owned by farmer Coops in 5 countries. I have also served on NCBA-CLUSA's farmer-to-farmer program, working with remote farming coops in Senegal and Zambia. I am a licensed Q Grader, and am concurrently working on Graduate Level Cooperative Business Studies at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, NS.

Jacob Hesse, Support Officer - Marketing & Events

I support the Events & Marketing team by overseeing the marketing budget, preparing marketing material and coordinating travel arrangements for cooperative members to attend trade shows all over the world. I have a master's degree in development studies with a focus on climate change and sustainable development. Prior to joining Twin, I have been working as a consultant at Ernst & Young in Buenos Aires and London.


Andy Carlton, Senior Associate (Uganda)

I am based in Africa, working with Twin's African partners in coffee, cocoa, and nuts. My main current activity is capacity building of co-operative staff in business systems. My background is in co-operative development, going back to co-operatives that I helped to set up in the early 1980s. From 1984 I was a business advisor to co-operatives in the UK for ten years, then from 1994 the same role as a volunteer with co-operatives in Zimbabwe for two years. I joined Twin as an Associate in 1997.

Kristy Leissle, Associate Cocoa Marketer

My role at Twin is to facilitate premium market access for cocoa PO's in Sierra Leone, Uganda, and other origins. I work with producers and Twin’s programme staff to maintain high quality crops, and liaise with producers and buyers to communicate priorities for quality and sustainability. I also promote these origins to chocolate consumers and in the craft and premium market segments. Since 2004, I have researched and published on the global and chocolate industries, with special focus on West African cocoa production, gender analytics, and the fast-growing craft chocolate markets in North America and Europe.

Emmanuel Harelimana, Associate (Rwanda)

I'm based in Rwanda working with Twin’s African coffee partners. I am in charge of managing the regional coffee programme from Twin's office in Kigali. I have 13 years of experience in Private Sector Business Management and Senior Project Management at international organisations. My areas of expertise are coffee value chain analysis, quality control at farm and processing facility level, cost analysis, financial management and cooperatives organisation structure with supply chain management.

Pascasie Nyirandege, Associate (Rwanda)

My focus as a Twin Associate is gender justice and Fairtrade and organic certification. I coordinate pilot projects of the Gender Action Learning System (GALS) and work primarily in Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC, providing capacity building for producer organisations. In 1998, I started work as a Gender and Food Security Officer at Action Aid, and then went on to be a Liaison officer for Fairtrade International (FLO).

Jos Algra, Senior Associate

I have been in touch with Twin in different ways over the last 25 years and have been a Twin Associate since 1996. My current focus is Price Risk Management training. At the age of 22 I visited my first coffee plantation in Western Kenya and at 26 harvested my first coffee beans in North Nicaragua. For the last 35 years I have mostly worked with cooperatives in coffee, cocoa and other products to support small farmers in building their business. After teaching at university and working for the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reform in Nicaragua, I went on to export coffee for small farmers in Mexico for four years.

Becca Morahan, Associate

I support Twin’s work on gender justice and Price Risk Management with coffee, cocoa and groundnuts farmers. I first worked for Twin and Twin Trading in 2000-2007, as part of the coffee trading team and on training for staff and producer partners. Since 2010, I have been working as an independent consultant, focusing on capacity building with producer organisations in tea, coffee and cocoa. I specialise in participatory methodologies, including GALS (Gender Action Learning Systems) and Participatory Video. I have been a Twin Associate since 2012.

Suzanne Natelson, Associate

I provide extra support to the Producer Partnership team at Twin, in areas including fundraising, report writing and events management. Prior to becoming an Associate, I was the African Coffee Project Officer at Twin, supporting implementation of the projects in East Africa. I am particularly interested in food systems and helping to create transparent value chains that benefit producers. Previous roles have been at Sustain; the alliance for better food and farming, Consumers International, WWF and Neal’s Year Dairy.

Jean Claude Muzima, Associate (DRC)

I am a Twin Associate working mainly in the Kivu region of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with a focus on business basics capacity building for coffee cooperatives. Our work in the region aims to unlock the enormous potential of premium quality coffee production to deliver sustainable development for rural producer organisations, many of which have been affected by conflict.

James Astuhuaman, Associate (Peru)

I have been supporting Twin on the design and management of coffee projects in South America since 2013. I monitor and measure the progress of activities and also act as a facilitator in the counselling and training of partner’s cooperatives members, using different methodologies and tools. After graduating with an Agronomy Engineering degree in Lima, I spent time in USA as an intern at an organic farm. Back in Peru I worked as an auditor in a certification body and as a Project Manager for National and International funds. I have significant experience in value chain development and knowledge on the coffee and cocoa sectors.


David McCullough, Board Chair

I am CEO of The Abbeyfield Society, a charity dedicated to providing the highest standards of housing, care and support for older people. Previously, I spent six years as Chief Executive of Royal Voluntary Service and six years as Deputy Chief Executive of Oxfam, after working extensively in the private sector as Director and Managing Director in banking, IT and High Street retail. I am passionate about development through trade, and have also held non-executive roles on the boards of the Fairtrade Foundation, Cafédirect and Good Energy.

Patrick Barker, Treasurer

I am Head of International Finance for Christian Aid, and have extensive experience in governance and performance management in both the private and charitable sectors. I have worked across numerous geographies and cultures, including India, Angola and Iraq. My past responsibilities have included: capability building for finance staff in the South Sudan Ministry of Health, training on economic evaluation for BP’s eastern hemisphere businesses, managing BP’s investment policy, and directing economics for a $45bn project to bring gas to Europe.

Kim Ionescu

As Chief Sustainability Officer at the Speciality Coffee Association, I provide leadership to the coffee community in matters of sustainability throughout the value chain. I have been working in coffee for over 11 years, beginning as a barista and later joining SCAA member company Counter Culture Coffee where I led their sustainability programs as Coffee Buyer and Sustainability Manager. I have been a member of the SCAA Sustainability Council since 2013, and hold the distinction of being a three-time SCAA Symposium speaker.

Elmer Reynaldo Peña Silva

As Commercial Manager of Cenfrocafé cooperative in Peru, an organisation of more than 1,900 coffee farming families, I am in charge of price risk management, buying and selling. I have extensive experience in growing coffee crops and hold a Business degree with a major in Corporate Finance. I have worked at Cenfrocafé for the last 12 years, and I am proud to represent an organisation with a solid reputation for sustainable development on four levels: economic, institutional, environmental and social.

Ian Finlayson

I am CEO of Practical Solutions International, a consultancy specialising in providing technical expertise for the food chain. I oversee all operations which support producers to meet the requirements of UK retailers, provide guidance to suppliers to meet retailer standards, and provide strategic guidance to retailers in development of technical policies. I have many years’ experience in fair trade development and supporting companies to gain Fairtrade certification, and of pesticide strategies to reduce residues. I previously spent 16 years with Sainsbury's in various food and non-food technical management positions.

Harrison Kalua

As CEO of Mzuzu Coffee, a Fairtrade-certified Producer Organisation in Malawi, I have extensive knowledge of coffee-based farming systems under smallholder management and international coffee trading. I have many years’ experience of lobbying and advocacy, corporate governance and finance as well as management of member-based organisations. I also hold various positions including Board Director of the Auction Holding Commodity Exchange of Malawi, board member of the African Fine Coffee Association (AFCA) and the NBS Bank of Malawi, council member of Action Aid Malawi and Chairman of Mzuzu International Academy.

Camilla Toulmin

I am an economist with particular expertise on dryland Africa, and former director of the International Institute for Environment and Development. My work combines field research, policy analysis and advocacy, with particular focus on climate change, property rights, global governance and natural resources. I specialise in current and future policy thinking on all aspects of the environment and development agenda, particularly building alliances with those in the frontline of sustainable development, and on land rights in Africa and all regions.

Richard Graham

I am currently the Associate Director of the Education Partnerships Group at Ark. Prior to that I was Head of Education at Save the Children, and Head of International Grants at Comic Relief. I have over 30 years’ experience of working in international development on a diverse range of issues including education, health and enterprise development, and of strengthening civil society organisations in developing countries. I have worked primarily in sub-Saharan Africa and have a comprehensive knowledge of political, economic and social context of development work on the continent. I bring strategic focus, learning from robust evidence and a commitment to empowering disadvantaged people to all my work.

Sally Smith

I am an independent researcher and consultant specialising in market systems, fair and ethical trade, and inclusive and sustainable development, with extensive field experience in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Some of my recent assignments include: advising on gender for a market systems development programme in Northern Ghana, assessing the impact of Fairtrade on trading relationships, and researching women's participation and leadership in cooperatives in India, Kenya and the Dominican Republic. I previously spent nine years working at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex.

Coffee Grown by Women #GenderEquality

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