The Kopakama coffee cooperative is located in the Karongi district of Rwanda on the shores of Lake Kivu, where conditions are ideal for premium quality Arabica. Kopakama is a close-knit group which has achieved a great deal of progress and a strong recovery following the genocide in 1994.

Fast facts

  • Location: Rutsiro, Rwanda
  • Altitude: 1480m - 1900m
  • Founded: 1998
  • Members: 600, including 250 women
  • Coffee: Arabica
  • VarietyBourbon
  • Type: Fairtrade, women's coffee
  • Quality: fully-washed
  • Flavour profile: good bodied clean coffee with mellow caramel, cocoa, and vanilla flavour with a hint of citrus


  • Award-winning speciality grade cupping scores
  • Focus on women's empowerment with fully-traceable grown by women coffee offer

Quality and processing

Kopakama members expertly grow and process their coffee using two washing stations, one full-scale and one micro, employing the skills of a trained coffee cupper. 


Kopakama have brought in gravity-fed water to serve the community and used Fairtrade premium money to access electricity. At the start of 2013, they made a major step forward with their Women’s Coffee project by buying a field for women to produce and sell coffee. Ejo Heza - a better tomorrow - field is owned collectively by 244 women. Twin launched the first mainstream grown by women coffee with Sainsbury's and Finlays at an event in the House of Commons in 2014.