Chirinos, Peru

Chirinos is located in San Ignacio province with offices in the town of Chirinos at 1800m, known locally as the ‘Great Viewpoint’. The majority of Chirinos’ coffee comes from high altitudes, giving it a great complexity and sought after acidity.  

Fast facts

  • Location: San Ignacio province, northern Peru
  • Altitude: 1400-2000m
  • Members: 720, including 156 women
  • Founded: 1968
  • First traded with Twin: 2001
  • Coffee: Arabica
  • Variety: Typica, Caturra, Pache, some Catimor on lower grounds
  • Type: Fairtrade, organic
  • Quality: Fully washed
  • Harvest: April – November
  • Shipping: June – January
  • Production capacity: 1,100 MT
  • Flavour profile: lively citrus acidy, notes of honey and peach or berries, medium to full bodied


  • Outstanding Quality Management System and focus on quality
  • Investment in pioneering composting facility, which reduce costs
  • Sold as limited edition Taste the Difference single origin coffee in Sainsbury’s supermarkets
  • Well established cooperative running for over 40 years

Quality and processing

Chirinos members process their coffee cherries on-farm using small pulping machines and fermentation tanks, enabling individual produces to adapt and improve processing techniques and flavour. Every producer member cups their coffee with in-house Q graders in the Chirinos lab to better understand their product.

Producers are also given feedback to help them improve their practices and are incentivised to improve quality through the payment of a premium for high scoring lots. Chirinos provides farmer training on organic production, including soil conservation, water treatment from individual processing, and recycling coffee pulp for organic fertilisers.


Twin has worked with Chirinos to develop their Quality Management Systems, setting up their first cupping lab.