We work with producers to improve product quality and introduce processing at origin. By adapting farm practices, becoming Fairtrade, organic or Rainforest Alliance certified, introducing Quality Management Systems and understanding buyer expectations, farmers can add value to their crop. 
Twin's approach to quality and processing:
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  • Quality Management Systems
  • processing facilities and on-farm practices
  • taste, quality and safety improvements

Case study: Lydia's story

Lydia Nabulumbi
Marketing Manager, Gumutindo
Started at Gumutindo in 2003 Lives in Mbale in Uganda

My current role at Gumutindo is Marketing Manager, but I’m also the ‘coffee expert’ because I have been trained in coffee quality and cupping. I first knew about Twin as a buyer, but then I went to Twin’s London office in 2004 for two weeks of training in cupping and roasting and found out it does much more.

In the past, I didn’t know the about the different coffee markets and how important it was to produce high quality. Through Twin, I have visited buyers and received training on coffee cupping and in marketing green coffee. Great experiences! Now I know how important it is to produce high quality coffee and about the premiums it comes with. I have also met so many important people, not only in the coffee world but also from different walks of life.

Twin has helped Gumutindo train staff to be confident professionals in their work, has set up Quality Management systems and has marketed and negotiated better prices for our coffees. I want most of our coffee to be sold in the specialty coffee market so that we get premiums that will get back to farmers and help to improve their livelihoods.

Twin is a great organisation, it has encouraged me to always aim higher, upgrade my career and believe that women are great and can go further as professionals. I already have a diploma in Project Planning and Management, and now I’m also pursuing a degree in Business Administration.